About us

What our “guests” say about us … is worth a thousand other words !!!

The reception is managed directly by the owners, Ada, Salvatore and family, who will be happy to provide any indication and useful support to make your holiday in Salento truly unforgettable.

To this day, Ada and Salvatore, with further continuous improvements, welcome the welcome and enthusiastic guests who remain enchanted by the magic of the place and often return to stay there in the following years.

September 13, 2019
Dear Ada and Salvatore, your hospitality and your kindness and passion and love that you demonstrate in everything you do has made this holiday an unforgettable period and certainly an experience to be repeated. You welcomed us and pampered us, we go home with an indelible memory reserving a special place in our hearts. Thanks for everything!!!

June 20, 2019
Dear Ada and Salvatore, we thought we would find sun, sea and olive trees and instead we also found family warmth. This was one of the most beautiful holidays we have ever experienced. the place is magical, welcoming and characteristic. The passion and smile that you passed on to us were a real surprise. Thank you because you made us feel at home! A hug to all of you … also to Abbondanza who made us remember our grandmothers with their aprons and hands always “dirty” with flour and impregnated with love for their loved ones