The Salento, a splendid peninsula between the Adriatic sea and the Ionian sea, is a place rich in art, popular tradition and ancient history of different cultures and peoples as evidenced by the dolmens, menhirs, specchie, pajare and dry stone walls.

The rural landscape is intact and the old stones tell us of a land sacked by different peoples in the past. The main city of Salento is the splendid baroque Lecce but every city in Salento is a little gem.

Courtyard houses ,fortified farms, noble palaces, baroque churches, coastal towers, white beaches with the famous dunes of the Ionian sea, high and jagged coasts embellish every corner of this splendid land.


In the past Cursi, of Roman origin, was a station for changing horses for couriers who brought news to the regions allocated from Lecce down. Those couriers called  Cursores in latin language gave the name Cursiomnium to the town. In fact the civic coat of arms depicts a young courier carrying a package with dispatches.

The most interesting religious places to visit 

The Byzantine crypt of Saint Giorgio or Saint Stefano dating from 13th to 14th century

 The Saint Nicola church and the big chapel dating back to the end of the 15th century

 The Sanctuary dedicated to Maria Santissima dell’Abbondanza  built around 1640 by the inhabitants of Cursi after a prodigious vision of the Virgin

 The Convent of the Augustinians dating from the 15th century with the precious altar of P. Buffelli,1663 

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